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Derk van der Veen was born in Dokkum, in the northernmost region of Holland in 1972. His guitar studies began at the age of 10 and were completed at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Zwolle. His main teachers include Roman Jaworski and Stepan Rak. As a performer he has appeared as solo recitalist and as a soloist with ballet and theater groups, touring throughout Europe. In 1995, he founded the Mychenka Quartet (flute, violin, guitar and bayan), performing only original music. His compositions include chamber music, orchestral music and works for solo guitar. Blues and Ballads, written in 1996, is a set of three concert works for solo guitar in jazz-blues style.

Derk studeerde van 1990-1995 aan de conservatoria van Zwolle en Rotterdam. Na in 1995 in Zwolle te zijn afgestudeerd volgde hij een studie bij de wereldberoemde componist/gitarist Stepan Rak. In 1996 speelde hij bij een theatergroep 'Theatre Espace' waarvoor hij ook de muziek deels schreef. Hiermee gaf hij optredens in verschillende Europese landen. Dit kreeg later een vervolg bij de theatergroep 'Mimescope' die voor het CERN in Geneve uitvoeringen gaf m.b.t. de bekende deeltjesversneller.

In 1996 richtte hij ook 'het Mychenka Kwartet' op, om een 15-delige compositie van hem uit te voeren en op te nemen. Later volgde nog andere samenwerkingen met o.a. de violiste Saskia Rozeveld, accordeonist Foppe Jacobi, en het Encuentro Multitimbre Guitar Quartet.

Derk maakte en werkte mee aan 5 cd's.

Creating Music

List of Compositions

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Renaissance and Early Baroque


Canzon Primo

Corale e Fantasia con Variatione

Recorder Quartet




Concerto Grosso in F

Baroque Orchestra

  • Allegro
  • Adagio
  • Allegro



Mychenka Suite (1996)

Quartet (Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bayan)

  • Prologue
  • promenade
  • Ballad
  • Dance of the Flowerpickers
  • The Landscape
  • Dance for the Barbarians
  • Dawn at the Waterside
  • Braul
  • The Farmer on his Cart
  • Winterchill in the Hills
  • Hora

Little Mychenka Suite

Chamber Orchestra

  • Prologue
  • The Farmer on his Cart
  • Winterchill in the Hills

Little Mychenka Suite

Violin & Guitar

  • Dawn at the Waterside
  • The Farmer on his Cart
  • Winterchill in the Hills
  • Hora

Winterchill in the Hills (1996)

Bayan & Guitar

Hora (1996)

Guitar Solo

English Suite (2000)

Quartet (Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bayan)

  • Prelude
  • English Folksong I
  • Round Dance
  • English Folksong II
  • Royal Gardens
  • Marche Funebre
  • The Hunt

2 English Folksongs

Violin & Guitar

Narodnaja Pesnaja

Duo (Violin & Guitar) / Quartet (Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bayan)

5 Slavonic Dances (2000)

Quartet (Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bayan)

  • Moderato
  • Allegro
  • Moderato
  • Molto Allegro
  • Allegro

Slavonic Dances no.2 and no.4

Duo (Guitar, Bayan)

Slavonic Dance no. 2

Duo (Guitar, Violin)

2 Jiddish Melodies (2000)

Quartet (Classical Guitar/Steelstring Guitar/Acc. Bass Guitar)

  • Moderato
  • Moderato

Swing for Two (2000)

Duo (Guitar, Bayan)

Swing for One (2000)

Guitar Solo

Two Folksongs

Guitar Solo

  • Jiddish Melody (2012)
  • English Folksong (2000)



Sketches at the Seashore (2002)

Orchestra / Quartet (Flute, Violin, Guitar, Bayan)



Blues and Ballads (1996)

Guitar Solo

  • Blues for Duce
  • Song for Louis
  • Blues for Henry

Angelhair (1996) (co-author)

Guitar & Bayan

Chant d'Etoille (2002) (co-author)

Guitar & Bayan

The Eagle Flies Alone (2002)

Guitar Solo / Multitimbre Guitar Quartet

Dalton's Creek (2002)

Guitar Solo / Multitimbre Guitar Quartet

Chinese Lady in Landscape (2005)

Multitimbre Guitar Quartet

Hommage a Castelnuovo-Tedesco (2002)

Violin & Guitar

Violin & Piano

4 Latin Songs

Multitimbre Guitar Quartet

  • Sunny (1996)
  • Lunes Gris (2003)
  • Estrellita (2006)
  • Lonely Nights (2007)

  • 2 Pop Songs


  • Leavin' It All Behind (2009)
  • Loos'n Up (2009)
  • Playing Music


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